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Dubai is a global city and the Middle East's business capital. It is the UAE's most populous city, and it is located in the country's north-eastern region. The real estate, trade, tourism, and financial services industries are the most significant contributors to Dubai's GDP, making it one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Even though the Emirate's infrastructure was built on oil exports over three decades ago, oil and natural gas now account for less than 5% of the Emirate's GDP.

Due to premier business locations and an environment that is not overly restrictive, Dubai has established itself as a leading trading hub in the UAE. In establishing a business in Dubai, it offers the most liberal operating conditions, tax exemptions, asset protection, complete privacy, and limited liability.


The tax haven also holds a lot of promise for international businesses, as it has:


  1. Excellent growth trajectory (imports have doubled since 1990) and unique policies of liberalization

  2. A thriving market in one of the world's wealthiest regions, with a diverse range of products and opportunities for traders.

  3. There are no trade barriers, quotas, or exchange controls in place (open market)

  4. Accessibility by air or water is excellent (around 90 airlines and 170 shipping lines)

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