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A Mainland Company is Registered in the Department of Economic Development(DED) where, if you choose to conduct business in UAE Mainland, you will need to register a business entity with the DED. The authority will provide you a business license to start your business in UAE. These are considered to be business entities without any restrictions directed by Federal Law No. 2 (2015). Located within the limitation of commercialized geographical area, these companies are covered by the Government of Emirati.

According to the Company Incorporation law, Mainland Company can now have 100% foreign ownership.



  • Strategic Location: When it comes to the Middle East, UAE turns out to be the strategic location as it offers opportunities to business investors to enter the other GCC countries and helps in expanding the business. 

  • Tax Incentives: Foreign investors enjoy the benefits related to tax as payment of Income Tax is not required.

  • Favourable Business Culture: Dubai Provides a pleasant business climate to the entities irrespective of their size and nature of the business, and so it stands as the preferable location for newbies, entrepreneurs, established business professionals.

  • Favourable Economic Policies: The Government of UAE provides many facilities to business investors like 100% foreign ownership, no personal tax, etc. to come forward and start business setup processes related to different industries.

  • Avoidance of Double Taxation: The UAE provides flexibility to the business owners to enter into a double taxation agreement for the import-export process, which allows them to wipe off the tax to be paid on both sides. 

  • Availability of Natural Resources: There is a vast availability of Natural Resources in the UAE which turns out to be extremely helpful to live a better lifestyle and also in the commercial domain.

  • Powerful Network: The UAE has powerful alliances that help to ease the transportation process covering roadways, airways, and seaway. This encourages business owners to set up their business in Dubai Mainland and carry out relevant business activities.

  • Easy Business Setup Process: Dubai Mainland provides an easy way to complete the business setup process. Business owners prefer to have a word with professional business consultants to get things done at a faster pace.

  • Open Presence in UAE Market: Dubai Mainland companies hold the flexibility to carry out their businesses in the entire UAE, provided there are legal activities and relevant authorities approve the same.

  • Easy availability of Visas: The method of acquiring a Visa for Dubai is facile. Business owners can easily obtain an investor visa, provided all the essentials documents required for approval are submitted.  

  • Easy Availability of Office Space: Dubai Mainland has become one of the growing business hubs when it comes to commercial infrastructure.

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