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With You in Every Step of the FTA UAE Audit Process

According to the provisions of the federal tax legislation, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has the approval to perform a tax audit on any individual in order to assess that person's compliance with the relevant laws. An FTA audit is a government evaluation of a company's accountability as a taxable entity.

This audit, conducted out by the FTA in the UAE, makes sure that all obligations are settled and that the government receives the necessary funds within the allotted time limit. The Federal Tax Authority UAE tax laws are reviewed by the government when assessing whether a corporation is complying to specific obligations that relate to their business.

Our tax agents at Corppluse Management Consultancy have expertise in managing tax audits in numerous different jurisdictions across the globe and can support businesses during a tax audit by the FTA in the UAE.

A VAT audit examination uncovers any inconsistencies between your firm's tax policy and the proper practises required by UAE regulations. The tax audit review will strengthen your organisation's strength to deal with a VAT audit, establishing it as more of a need than an option. It is always advisable to conduct a VAT health check or tax audit review in your company to prevent falling into the classification of VAT non-compliance.You may address past and future non-compliance by understanding its reasons with the assistance of the VAT audit review. It will assist you in identifying any aspects which need to be rectified and ensure that the taxes paid are accurate and in compliance with FTA UAE tax legislation.

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