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Updated: Jan 11

A valid license is required to conduct business activities. The following is a list of Ras Al Khaimah's business licenses:

  1. General Trading Permit: A trading license, also known as a general trading license, allows you to import and export goods into and out of the United Arab Emirates. The standard general trading license allows for up to two different product categories, such as "food," "cosmetics," and "building materials." The permit allows for unrestricted trade of goods.

  2. Professional License: With this license, you can perform a variety of professional services, including consulting, IT, design, and development, among others. The RAK free zone has the most extensive activity list, ensuring that any company can find a suitable business activity.

  3. Industrial License: An investor with an Industrial License can import raw materials, manufacture specified goods, and export the finished product. RAK Free Zone rents out warehouses and land, and unlike many other Free Zones, it always has available storage warehouses.


RAK provides additional powers to help regional businesses grow. The Emirate of Dubai provides a platform for trade routes from East to West. Among the main opportunities for foreign investors, a few key advantages can be highlighted:

  1. Rich material and technical basis and high potential in terms of storage facilities

  2. Prospects of development of the international tourism industry

  3. A favorable geographical location with access to the regional and global markets

  4. Availability of major transport hubs

  5. Modern container port and marina docks

  6. Relatively low rates for renting a space and energy supply

  7. RAK is an excellent alternative to forming a company in the Dubai free zone because it provides a wide range of office and warehousing facilities.

  8. Investors can take advantage of plentiful supplies of low-cost energy.


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