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Updated: Jan 11

Although the business setup in Ras Al Khaimah is simple, you must follow a set of legal and documentation procedures, which our team can assist you with. We have a team of experienced business advisors who will assist you with the following aspects of the company formation process in RAK:

The following are the steps to forming a company in Ras Al Khaimah:

1. Decide on the Business Activity

Determine the type of economic activity that your company engages in during this step. It can be divided into three categories: commercial, professional, and industrial. Trade and sales of goods to consumers and businesses are carried out by industrial or general trading businesses and retail businesses. Professional firms provide personal and commercial services such as management, accounting, and consulting. Manufacturing, processing, and packaging of goods are typically handled by industrial companies.

2. Determine the Legal Form of the Business

The next step is to choose a business entity. You can select one from the list above based on your business activity. The type and nature of the business determine the legal status conditions.

3. Finalize the Jurisdiction

Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore are the three main jurisdictions in RAK. Mainland provides opportunities to do business both inside and outside the UAE. A company wishing to register in RAK Mainland has a lot of options. RAK Free Trade Zone, located 45 minutes from Dubai, provides a highly productive business-friendly environment with cutting-edge services and a simple setup process with minimal bureaucracy. You can choose from a variety of configurations, including Flexi-desks and core offices, as well as multi-floor offices and industrial warehouses.

4. Obtain Initial Approval

Before obtaining the company name certificate, the investor may receive preliminary approval. The initial approval allows the investor to proceed with the business license application process and contact the relevant authorities for assistance.

5. Register Your Trade Name

After deciding on a business location, the next step is to come up with a unique and appropriate trade name for the company. The proposed company name should be submitted to the Department of Economic Development.

6. Apply and Submit

The investor should visit the other concerned authorities to obtain their consent after receiving the initial approval and meeting the requirements and legal conditions. Although some types of activities may require the sole permission of the Department of Economic Development, these ministries are defined according to the required activity.

Documents Required

  1. Certified copy of the tenancy contract

  2. Photocopies of no objection letter, visa, passport, and residence certificates

  3. Copy of land map or ownership certificate

  4. Obtaining the consent of legal affairs

  5. License application form and signboard

  6. Obtaining approval ministry of economy

  7. Ensuring all important approvals from government entities, if required

  8. Receiving certification of partnership contract from the notary public

  9. Copies of national ID and family book

  10. Getting technical evaluation report

  11. Obtaining a trade name certificate

7. Obtain a Business License

Once the concerned authorities have given their consent, the stakeholder can move on to fulfilling all of the legal requirements for obtaining a business license. It can be completed by obtaining the Department of Economic Development approval before receiving the license.

8. Rent an Office Space

After visiting the Monitoring & Consumer Protection Administration in the Department of Economic Development, the businessperson may rent the business site in this step. Besides, they will visit other relevant authorities to inspect and approve the business location.


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